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Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband

Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband

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Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband from The Slambook Project on Vimeo.



1) Knowledge is Power.
2) Time is Gold.
3) Love Conquers All.


FIBR1Though it is true that Content is King, you cannot write interesting and note-worthy content if you do not know anything that is why I believe that Knowledge is Power. As a student (graduate school), I would have higher odds of acing my exams and projects and being ahead of my class if I have a FAST and RELIABLE access to the internet thru FIBR. Why? Because I can do multiple research online and stream dozens of tutorials to make sure that I have covered all the things I need to know. All of this I can do without worrying about the speed of my internet connection. I won’t be cursing my internet connection because of its lack of speed and instead, focus my full attention and energy to the research materials that are streaming seamlessly via my laptop  which is connected to FIBR. FIBR allows you to browse multiple websites and download multiple files and videos simultaneously. If you are a parent, just imagine the information your child can have in the tip of their fingers.

Gone are the days when students (or their have to buy and manually scan the pages of a book or research material to get some obscure data or go out the whole day rummaging thru different books in the library. Nowadays, internet is every student and parent’s friend. But if you have a really slow internet at home wherein you couldn’t even view an informative video because it is either too slow or it just keeps saying terms like “loading” or “buffering”; you or your children(if you are a parent) would be frustrated and would just settle for the limited information you can get your hands on. That is why FAST internet access is a MUST if you want to be ahead of the “pack” or if you want your child/children to be achievers in their class. With all the “smart” people sprouting around us, having a definite edge over them is always an advantage, and with FIBR, you get that extra boost!

***NOTE: Wait for the GIF files to load to see the story :)


Imagine Katniss and the other tributes using FIBR and researching online regarding survival skills, tips and tricks on how to make fire, what animals are dangerous, what foods are available and can be eaten and which ones are poisonous. I imagine them being joined by the main character of my favorite TV series, Breaking Bad (Walter White) because of the poisonous plant incident, but instead of Chemistry, he now teaches Botany. 



fibr2When I was a child and my classmates often ask me to sign on their slambook, & there was always this question aside from “What is love?” that stuck to me until today…the question was “What is your motto?”, some of my classmates would write jokes like “AjinoMOTTO” but I always write “TIME IS GOLD”. When I browsed other pages, I found myself among the dozens of people who used that same motto but it doesn’t bother me. Time is really gold since contrary to some beliefs, you cannot buy time. Once time has passed, there is no way you can go back to retrieve it.

Internet connections usually test our patience… sometimes, I miss out on certain information & because of the lag time, I end up  repeating the video from the beginning over and over again just to understand what I am watching since my internet connection only allows me to hear one syllable per minute. I have experienced this a lot and I’m sure that I may have missed some words and information because of the “buffering” process. If you are like me, and don’t have the patience to wait for the buffering processes then it’s time to make a change and switch to FIBR!

PLDT FIBR gives us fast access to information and videos we love… no cuts, no waiting time, really fast buffering of videos, and you are sure that you’ll always get the complete and correct information about anything in the internet.

PLDT FIBR revolutionizes home Internet connections by using dedicated fiber optic lines for each subscriber, instead of shared cable lines used by typical broadband providers. The dedicated lines allow subscribers to enjoy unparalleled speeds of up to 100Mbps. Now that’s what I need! And would I say the odds are in my favor if I have FIBR? Definitely!

Here is a short story how KATNISS was able to get hold of her FIBR! :)  <note: FAN-MADE ONLY>



fibr3If I were given a skill which I can use in the Hunger Games, I would choose the skill to get people to love me enough not to ever think of killing me so when they see me, they would end up killing each other or themselves and I won’t even need to lift a finger to hurt Seriously, I think that LOVE is powerful because it is what binds families, loved ones and even friends together. With FIBR, long distance relationships stand a chance since the lovers would feel like they are just a few steps away from each other because of the seamless streaming of their choice of social media or video call app. With FIBR, those with LDR (long distance relationships) conquers the distance between them.

FIBR is FAMILY-FRIENDLY since it allows multiple devices to use the same Internet connection without sacrificing speed. Everyone can use their laptops, cellphones and tablets simultaneously to make e-mails, enjoy social networking, watch videos, stream movies or play online without worrying about congesting the internet connection. . 

Speaking of families, a huge percentage of Filipino families have at least one family member who works at a distant place or abroad. With Fibr, parents who are far away from their children get to see them online, those who are working abroad can update their families and loved ones without having to worry that the signal is too slow that they would look blurry or in slow motion. Recently, typhoons, floods, and earthquakes have devastated most of our fellow men especially in Visayas and Mindanao. President Noynoy addressed the nation that the first thing they will fix would be the communication lines. Why was this the priority? Because communication is very important for a sound mind and spirit because most of those living in places untouched by typhoon Yolanda or by the recent earthquakes have family members and relatives living in the devastated areas. It is of top priority to know what is going on and if all our loved ones are safe. With FIBR, we get to stream TOP NEWS regarding the evacuation sites, see list of survivors and any news relating to our loved ones, plus, if there is a stable internet connection there, we would be able to talk face-to-face with them. And since Christmas is fast approaching, we can send our regards and our love to our relatives via a reliable and stable internet broadband, FIBR.

Another thing about LOVE is that it’s not always happy, there are also times of pain and suffering brought about by unrequited love, broken hearts, broken promises, and misunderstandings. A sure-fire way to keep my mind off the painful things and just MOVE ON AND RECOVER from being an emotional wreck is by watching my favorite TV Series and movies online. Speaking of TV and Movies, did you know that with FIBR, you get to stream hundreds blockbuster movies on-demand from Clickplay and not only that, you can also watch Cignal Digital TV Channels, which is so cool, so yeah, the odds are really on my favor for this one as well! :)


So, aside from the speed and reliability of service, why should you avail of Fibr, the “most powerful” broadband service in the country? I think that when it comes to products and services, we Filipinos always place an important value on the BRAND, the TRUST we have for it, and what AWARDS they have. When it comes to awards, PLDT HOME has actually gained a lot them, such as the Platinum Award for the Most Trusted Internet Service Provider as voted by consumers in the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards (for PLDT myDSL), which they have won for their fifth straight year. PLDT was also awarded Broadband Service Provider of the Year in the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Philippines Excellence Awards for rising above competition and demonstrating outstanding market performance. With these awards for excellence and public trust, I am sure that people like me, who are currently frustrated on the services of our current broadband services, wouldn’t mind switching and availing of FIBR. This is perhaps the most WORTHY INVESTMENT I can think of when it comes to making your presence felt in social media, enjoying and keeping the bond and communication strong between you and your loved ones and most importantly, maximizing what you can get from the internet.


I am so excited to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! :) I really adore the novels by Suzanne Collins and though the first Hunger Games was met with a mixed reaction from movie critics, I still regard it as one of my favorite movies ever! I also love Jennifer Lawrence and her long black locks (though reports say she was just wearing a wig) that is why I am a little shocked to find her sporting a pixie cut. But yeah, she still looks good right?


Speaking of hair, One interesting trivia was the hair colors of three of the major characters,  Liam Hemsworth is naturally blonde but his hair was dyed to a darker shade to play Katniss’ buddy and 1/3 of the love triangle Gale Hawthorne, Josh Hutcherson has dark hair but his hair was dyed blonde in order to play the main love interest of Katniss and her co-winner in the 74th Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark. Going back, Jennifer Lawrence is now being slammed by fashion critics for chopping her long, wonderful blonde hair off, so she explained why she did it. She told media that she kept putting her hair in a bun that she got tired of the inconvenience and another major reason was that “her hair got fried from being dyed too much”. I guess there is always a limit to everything even when it comes to style and fashion. People tend to do things when they are frustrated and fed up with something.

That is actually the same with broadband internet connection, the more other people use it, the SLOWER the connection gets. It sucks right? But that is just the reality of it all. At one point, you’ll just be too frustrated over the SLOW internet connection that you just want to throw your broadband out the window (if only I had a choice that time but now thanks to FIBR, I do have a choice!) and believe me, I have been in that situation. But just imagine using a broadband that DOESN’T SLOW DOWN and gives you an EDGE in whatever it is you are doing online, whether it be for work, online games, watching movies, surfing the net, and just enjoying some quality time with your friends and family via social media. There is ONLY ONE broadband in the Philippines that can give you this and more! And that my friend, is PLDT FIBR.

blogger-image-74487491 Fibr is Home’s most powerful broadband which allows you to seamlessly and simultaneously experience browsing of multiple websites, stream hundreds of blockbuster movies on demand from Clickplay, watch Cginal digital tv channels, & it is available now in 800 fibr-powered villages nationwide. Visit or call 101-FIBR (3427) for more details.

MORE EXCITING NEWS: PLDT Fibr and Nuffnang Philippines invite you to watch an exclusive screening of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on November 21, Thursday, at  Shangri La Cineplex! Note that you need to be a Lifestyle of Technology NUFFNANGER/Nuffnang Member to be able to join this contest. Only the first 100 entries will get the chance to watch the special screening so make sure you submit your entries EARLY. This is just one of the many benefits of being a Nuffnanger so I highly recommend Filipino Bloggers to join and be one of us! Thanks to PLDT Fibr not only for this contest, but also for giving us the best INTERNET OPTION ever, PLDT FIBR! #FibrCatchingFire




ALL Characters featured here are the property of their respective owners. NO Copyright Infringement intended. All characters were made into CHIBI form as Fan-made comedy comics by yours truly.

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