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BEST of the BIG SHOW 2013: THE FOTON BIG SHOW 2013 was a BLAST!

BEST of the BIG SHOW 2013: THE FOTON BIG SHOW 2013 was a BLAST!


Foton’s BIG SHOW 2013 was a blast!

aaaI went there around 9:30am and waited for the actual event to start… at that time I didn’t have a good camera with me, so I just took some videos since the quality is better than when I’m taking still shots.

Here is the summary of what happened during the press launch of FOTON’S BIG SHOW 2013: Driven by Vision:

FOTON BIG SHOW 2013 by from The Slambook Project on Vimeo.

I found these really pretty ladies of Foton, who were always smiling.


Before 10am, the guests of honour arrived including Senator Nancy S. Binay along with top officers from Beiqui Foton Motor Co. The crowd was ushered inside where drums are playing a very active beat, and at the sidelines, the cheerleaders of NU clapped their hands as they greeted the guests and all the people who came to the event entitled, FOTON BIG SHOW 2013: Driven by Vision which is currently ongoing from October 25 to 27, 2013 at the Main Hall A of the World Trade Center in Pasay. Be sure to go there, because it’s definitely worth it to see the really amazing styles and designs of commercial vehicles by Foton, and of course, who would say no to the FOTON THUNDER and the newest addition to the FOTON Family, the FOTON VIEW TRAVELLER!


Hosting FOTON’s BIG SHOW 2013: Driven by Vision were Cito Beltran (TV personality and Philippines Star columnist) and Nicole Asensio (Lead Vocalist for General Luna is an all girl Filipino rock band and soon-to-be launched as a solo artist). Cito was comical even mentioning, “Nicole, have you viewed the VIEW (referring to the Foton View Traveller)”, wherein Nicole said no, Cito then replied, “It is VIEWtiful!”. Nicole was very pleasant and she complimented her co-host well. They then introduced the President of Foton Philippines, Mr. Rommel L. Sytin.

Here is a transcript of the speech of the President of Foton Philippines, Mr. Rommel L. Sytin:
(NOTE: I personally transcribed his speech so please inform me if you find some mistakes.)

I agree with Mr. Sytin that FOTON really did come a long way from being a virtual unknown to the country’s leading and preferred brand for commercial vehicles. Mr. Sytin then introduced their guest of honor, Senator Nancy Binay.

I transcribed some parts of her speech below:

It was really humble for someone like Senator Nancy Binay to regard FOTON as her preferred vehicle considering that her counterparts and most people in the political scene are sporting high-end luxury brands. She chose FOTON because she finds the brand very reliable and comfortable especially during the campaign period. Coming from Senator Binay, who I’m sure can afford more expensive brands; I think that choosing FOTON is definitely a wise choice especially if one is looking for style and comfort without being too expensive.

This year’s UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champion, National University PEP SQUAD (2013) ushered in the guests and started the FOTON’s BIG SHOW 2013: Driven by Vision with a bang! Now, that was a great way to pump up the energy and catch everyone’s attention. This group was simply amazing, I was in awe when I saw them perform live  &  I’m so lucky to be just a few steps away. They really deserved to win the UAAP Cheerdance Competition this year! Of course, there were some flaws (don’t you dare bash them for it!) but who cares? For me, they were just so exhilarating to watch as they overflowed with energy and positive vibes. No, I’m not from NU… but hey, I really admire them, I’m so glad I went to this Foton Event since I got to see them perform up close! Here is a picture of the NU Squad.


Video of their performance will be uploaded soon in another blog post. Sorry I can’t place everything here, but don’t worry, one whole blog post will be dedicated just for the awesome National University (NU Pep Squad) – Champion of this year’s UAAP Cheerdancing Competition. So stay tuned! :-)

Another outstanding performance was done by a group of teenagers who used lights to amp-up their costumes and routines. This is not the first time I saw this kind of dance (with light synchronization) but it definitely was the first time I saw young teens perform these kinds of routines and take note, there were a lot of lifting involved so I salute the teens for this amazing performance. If you happen to know the name of this group, don’t hesitate to tell me via the comment section below.

Guest speakers and partners made some speeches. Nicole also sang for the audience. There was also a sand painter who introduced to us the FOTON TOTAL CARE, which was definitely one thing that customers should consider when buying vehicle.  I enjoyed watching FOTON’s Dancing Wheel Loader. It was really amazing how they can maneuver that heavy-duty vehicle and make it jump and dance. Borrowing the words of Mr. Sytin, this just shows how DYNAMIC and DURABLE their vehicles are. And I really agree with him, because who would have thought that these kind of vehicles can be used for “entertainment” purposes.

On the sidelines, Foton’s partners are also there to provide customers with additional services including insurance and financing options. Raffle prizes are being award three times a day so make sure you drop your names in the raffle box near the entrance and registration section. Foton has really come a long way and I’m glad I was part of their 3rd Big Show. I envision them to be at the forefront of the commercial vehicle industry in just a few years time and I also see them as the BEST CHOICE of affordable but high-quality family vehicle in the market today. Imagine having an affordable vehicle, which you can use for your family, as a service vehicle, or for business purposes such as transport services and tourism services. GET YOUR FOTON VEHICLES NOW!!! They are also open to swapping of your old cars for NEW FOTON VEHICLES so don’t miss this chance and drop by today at the World Trade Center! :)


It was a special day for me as I got to meet a few people from Nuffnang and saw some of the Nuffnangers. I just wish I wasn’t shy to introduce myself and talk to them. Oh well, I hope I would be given another chance to do that.  My deepest apologies to Nuffnang and other bloggers for the inconvenience. I was so engrossed with the whole FOTON BIG SHOW that I forgot I was also there to be awarded as one of the winners for the FOTON-NUFFNANG blogger contest. I was lucky to be one of the 11 bloggers chosen among several bloggers who joined so that in itself was already a feat for me. I am just a rookie blogger; I started blogging last October 16, and I am still learning the ropes from all senior bloggers and I hope to talk with some of them someday to get some tips and tricks. :) Imagine my surprise when they approached me and told me I was the one who won the IPAD MINI and the Power Bank from Foton. I’m so lucky and blessed to be a Nuffnanger as this is my 2nd win in a span of just one week. Yey!


Being a Nuffnanger is probably the best decision I made when I started blogging so if you’re into blogging and you want to go to events, join contests, or just blog about anything that you find interesting, consider being a Gliteratti Member of Nuffnang Philippines.


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