Saturday, November 29th, 2014
(National University) NU Pep Squad at the Foton BIG SHOW 2013

(National University) NU Pep Squad at the Foton BIG SHOW 2013


As a follow up to my previous blog post and as promised, here are some pictures and videos of the National University –  NU Pep Squad during the FOTON BIG SHOW 2013 EVENT:

Here is the full video of the major performance of the NU PEP SQUAD during the FOTON BIG SHOW 2013:

2013 FOTON BIG SHOW featuring National University Cheerdance Champions from Joy Abengana-Lora on Vimeo.

*** More videos to be uploaded soon since my Vimeo Account is maxed out as of the moment. Stay Tuned!


Here you can see the NU Pep Squad unveiling the FOTON VIEW TRAVELLER:


Some snapshots of their performance:



Doing one of their most famous routines:


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